music to the series and beyond


Azryael’s Theme

New Music!

It’s relatively peaceful for this cranky albino shape-shifter, who doesn’t appear until the 7th novel or chapter 3 in the “Nina” comic. It’s going to be a while before actually get to him, but it’ll get there… eventually.

Wild Puca Gang

Through the Fae

Original music for the second Mierna book.

The Surgeon – J. Ong Cover

A Dance with Fate – J. Ong Cover

For Lucy

We loved this little cat so much. She’ll never die. She passed away February 21, 2021 with Feline Leukemia. Anyone who knows about it and witnessed it, it’s awful. Love you, Baby!

A Dance with Fate

Welcoming the Guests – Cover

Cover by Jonathan Ong of my original piece for the “Mierna & the Circus of Mysteries”

Fall Back to Sleep