music to the series and beyond


Savannah’s Haven

UGLEE – Unfinished

First one is with voice – unfinished… no relevance to the clothing line.

The second one is just instrumental….also unfinished…

A Short Song of Insanity

Beyond the Desert

Beyond the Desert is a conceptual piece based off a scene where the characters find themselves lost in a desert. How and why, I have no clue, but this piece was really fun to create.

Deep Waters

Dubstep Abstract

Was messing around with new features using Garageband on the iPad Pro.

Last Dance – Remastered

“Last Dance Remastered” will soon be availableĀ on Spotify, Groove, CDbaby, Amazon, Google Music, YouTube Music and more! Will update links when it’s released.

This was an older pieceĀ needed a little extra touch. Added clarinets, strings and the oboe.