music to the series and beyond


A Taker’s Fate – Cover by Jonathan Ong

Cover for one of my original pieces! And it looks like he had great fun with it LOL

Vlanders Enters the Show – Ong Cover

Jonathan Ong takes a crack at this original piece for the Mierna soundtrack. This is his take on a jazzy entrance for Vlander the púca entering the Circus of Mysteries.

Never Say Goodbye

Concept music for the Mierna series….

On Your Wedding Day

For final book in the Mierna series…

Sail to the Faerie Wilds

Music for book three of the Mierna series…

My Clock

Concept music for the third book in the Mierna series. Lyrics in the works.. So far:

My clock, it may not always chime
May not always keep its time
But it always ticks…

You can call me crazy
But things that don’t phase me
Some things you can’t fix…

Wexel’s Theme

Azryael’s Theme

New Music!

It’s relatively peaceful for this cranky albino shape-shifter, who doesn’t appear until the 7th novel or chapter 3 in the “Nina” comic. It’s going to be a while before actually get to him, but it’ll get there… eventually.

Wild Puca Gang